What is clean eating?

Clean eating is a simple concept. Rather than revolving around the idea of ingesting more or less of specific things (for instance, more protein or fewer calories), the idea is more about being mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin + your plate. At its core, clean eating is about eating whole foods or “real” foods, those that are un- or minimally processed + refined + handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. Life is Messy Kitchen is a back-to-basics approach to eating healthfully + happily.


Will Life is Messy Kitchen solve all my problems?

What if, instead of solving your entire life in one swoop, you just start adding more good things, little things, all-mighty powerful things (like Hulk Waffles) that make you come alive, one at a time. Just let your pile of good stuff pile up. Soon enough, you will stop complaining about your thighs, because you will be too busy bouncing on trampolines + hosting a BBQ parties or getting the hang of a side fishtail braid.


Who is Life is Messy Kitchen perfect for?

Anyone who’s feed up with crazy fad dieting + waiting for your “cheat day” to eat pizza, that’s for sure. Life is Messy Kitchen is for perfectionists in recovery, real people who struggle to make healthy eating a priority because they are too busy changing the world. Pinky, is that you? No way, I spilled pizza sauce on my shirt too!


Is Life is Messy Kitchen vegan?

Mostly vegan. Some recipes are prepared with eggs. Other with honey. I’m not about banning entire food groups from our diet, but rather bringing more fundamental foods from nature back into everyday cooking, while keeping recipes inspiring + our taste buds disco dancing.


Is Life is Messy Kitchen gluten-free + sugar-free?

Yes, all recipes are gluten-free + sugar-free. Please check product labels too to avoid sneaky ingredients.


Do you include calories in your recipes?

Healz no. Calories are deceiving + not the basis for determining what is healthy. In fact, low calorie foods are typically nutrient deficient. So rather than focus on calories, Life is Messy Kitchen focuses on good quality food that will nourish your body for hours.


Are the ingredients for the recipes expensive?

In comparison to what? A Happy Meal? Well, yes, upfront organic strawberries are pricier than Franken-nuggets. But ya’ know what is really expensive? Poor health + pharmaceuticals + medical bills. Ouch. Think about it this way: You are investing in the present + future you. And you are worth it. So is you family. Every penny.


Can the whole family access the community?

You are welcome to share stories of your potlucks + alfresco dinner parties with family and friends, just know that Life is Messy Kitchen is priced to allow one person access to the clubhouse.


Will I lose weight cooking my way through Life is Messy Kitchen?

Weight loss is dependent on so many factors – individual’s genetics + hormonal balance + past history + metabolism + fluid balance + exercise regime + emotions. So I can’t promise you’ll shed pounds. Just remember, Life is Messy Kitchen is about feeling amazing. And when the inside is right, the outside will fall into place. Sometimes that means dropping a few pounds. Other times, it’s about doing something your body never though possible. Trust the process. Don’t obsess. The scale doesn’t measure awesome.


Do I have to follow the recipes exactly as they are?

Recipes are there as loving guides. Feel free to make them your own. I share twists + swaps + clever tips. Follow along or take a sharp left where when you’re feeling adventurous.


Okay, I made the Chilled Chocolate Mouse Cake. What now?

Okay, listen close. This game plan is muy importante: 1. Slice cake in 8 slices. 2. Place 1 of those portions on your plate. Store the rest. 3. Eat only what’s on your plate. Bonus point for sharing. 4. Return to the kitchen for the rest. 5. Admit that inside every one of us, there lives a fat kid who loves cake.


My digital kit is missing in action, can you help?

Did you check your SPAM folder? Did you check your e-mail account associated with your purchase? No luck? Okay, e-mail me at right away. Include your name + e-mail + copy of your receipt. I will Expect Patronus that dementor within 24 hours. Fret not.


I bought the physical book, do I need to pay any extra shipping + handling fees?

Nope. Free worldwide delivery is on da’ house. You are very welcome. I am not responsible for any taxes that may apply in your country.


Where’s the printed book being shipped from?

Tropical paradise with pretty postal stamps from Panama City, Panama.


How is the book being shipped?

Domestic packages will be delivered via local “mensajería”. International packages will be shipped to it’s new happy home as soon as it comes out of press using Airmail Certificate via The Panamanian National Postal Office, a slow, but secure + reliable vehicle. Delivery times vary depending on the destination. In super rare occasions, parcels get held up in customs, something that is completely beyond my control + this may delay shipping a bit. Thanks for your patience. If you need your order by a specific date, please contact me prior to purchasing + I’ll do my best to have your book(s) ready on time.


What happens if my book gets delayed or lost in mail la la land?

In the event of a lost or delayed package, I please ask that you wait 8 weeks before I resend your order. It has been my experience that even the most sidetracked packages, find their way in that time frame. If your item does not arrive after that time frame, I will resent a brand new one to you on me.


Where is my order being shipped?

Unless otherwise arranged, I ship to the address listed in your invoice. I’m not responsible for packages not received because of incorrect address.


When can I expect to get my printed copy?

The book is expected to ship March 2015. Hot, right off the oven… I mean, the press. Your package can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to arrive at destination.


Will prices stay the same?

Unfortunately, I cannot fix my rates. Prices can go up at any time without previous notice, and most likely they will after the pre-order period.


I own a store + I’m interested in selling your book.

Sweet! E-mail me at for bulk prices.


Will there be a Kindle edition?

Probably not. Nothing personal Kindle.


How long is it?

The book is 279 pages, not including bonuses.


Any chances you’ll translate the book in Spanish?

It would be cool, but it’s not on the top of my to-do list right now.


Would you ever consider selling the bonuses individually?

I like to be as flexible + accommodating as I can, but for the time being it feels right to keep the bonuses exclusive for my super fans.


What if I bought Life is Messy Kitchen + never got around to using it? Can I get my money back?

Due to the nature of this product, purchases are non refundable. If you’re unsure about anything please feel free to contact me at before purchasing.


My question wasn’t answered here, HELP!

Wait a second, that’s not a question. But you can send your question to anytime. I’ll respond as quickly as possible without compromising the batch of granola I have in the oven.

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