How to roast coffee beans the right way

how to roast coffee beans

Many of us depend on big, branded coffee-making companies to enjoy the perfect cup of Joe. But slowly and steadily, more and more people are opting to roast their coffee beans at home for a variety of reasons, the primary being the love of coffee. The extremely interesting process will show you the mesmerizing science and chemistry behind the art of coffee-making. Besides it gives you complete control over how bitter or light you want your coffee. It is one of those things that you start just for the sake of curiosity but soon finds yourself being sucked into its delicious vortex.

Let’s discuss how to roast coffee beans easily

The Pan/Grill Method

What’s beautiful about home-made coffee roasting is how easy it is. All you need are the magnificent coffee beans in their raw green form and a pan or a grill. In order to begin to choose a well-ventilated kitchen or even an outdoor setting as a lot of smoke will be generated in the process. Be accurate in your temperature setting and fiddle with the stove controls until you get a perfect 450 F temperature. Add a shallow layer of coffee beans and start stirring. Never put down the spoon as this process requires constant stirring. Wait for the first crack, which may come after about five minutes. The first crack indicates that the coffee is now lightly roasted; the second crack usually arrives after 6 minutes, and now you have medium roasted coffee. It is best to take off the pan after 30 seconds as cooking beyond this point will burn your beans. It is imperative to cool the beans quickly and carefully. The last step is to air out the beans to get rid of the carbon dioxide accumulation.

The Microwave Method

This may not be the most efficient method, but it is quite convenient to use. It may be difficult to get the perfect roast in a microwave, and there is also the issue of ventilation as roasting coffee generates a lot of smoke.

For this method, you will need a perforated tray. Pre-heat your oven to a temperature between 450F to 500F. Ensure proper ventilation in the room. Spread your beans over the perforated tray or a normal tray with a baking sheet. Place it inside the oven and switch it on. Listen for the first crack at 5 to 7 minutes for a light roast and a further 60 seconds for the second crack, which will lead to a medium roast. Take it out and cool the beans as quickly as possible. Leave it uncovered for the carbon dioxide to vent.

The Pop-corn Machine Method

A more creative way to roast coffee beans is in a popcorn machine. But a popcorn machine is not equipped for the hard coffee beans and may malfunction if used frequently to roast beans. But they are especially good for roasting. As usual, be sure to ventilate properly before starting. Pre-heat the machine for 30 to 45 seconds. Pour half a cup of raw coffee beans into the machine that can be easily stirred and moved around by the machine. You should also help by stirring the beans to coax it into proper agitation once this is achieved put on the lid and keep watch while occasionally stirring when it gets slow. The chaff will blow out of the machine which must be promptly collected to avoid any mess. The first crack will grace your ears in about 4 to 5 minutes, while the second crack will require an additional 3 minutes. Rapidly cool and then vent out the roasted beans to achieve perfection.

The Home Coffee Roasting Machine Method

For those with a more determined approach, the home coffee roasting machine is the way to go. While it is quite expensive than the previous alternatives, the machine will provide the perfect roast one can hope for at home. Such a dedicated machine also produces a significant amount of smoke, so ventilation is still important. Follow the manual to turn the machine on and pour an appropriate amount of beans. Keep watching the machine while the roasting commences. Wait for the first and second cracks and wait for your machine to automatically cool the beans. Your roast has been perfected.

With this guide, you too become the perfect coffee connoisseurs. Start the journey for the perfect roast today.

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